Welcome to my code page, a list of some of the work i have done on during my career as a developer
I cannot disclose any information about this app as yet until it gets released. It's a native iPhone app that i programmed using objective-c
I cannot disclose any information about this project other than it's a lead generation tool using a web interface and can handle multiple companies. I used javascript and jquery to make this app as user friendly as possible
Unity Game. I am currently working a Unity 3D game using C# and Javascript classes. I wish i could disclose more information on this but it is not allowed
Great Stuff is a mobi site to raise product awareness in the U.S.A. They mainly use the mobisite for advertising campaigns. It includes how-to videos specifically designed for all mobile devices, even devices that support flash ie. Nokia S60 can view them without having to download the video first. It plays the video directly in the browser
I cannot disclose any information about this site yet
Edgars's mobile website.
Jonathan Cainer is a mobi site which i needed to build for a client. It's a horoscope mobisite where you can get your horoscope daily along with other astrology fact's. The site works on a daily xml feed that gets inported to keep the information up to date
GetMMad.mobi is the mobisite for getmmad.com. It's an awesome platform where you can get everything from electricity to music. Please read below for a full feature list
GetMMad.co.za is a shopping platform designed to make your every day errands a breeze. It allows you to buy electricity, lotto tickets, airtime, ringtones and other mobile content. You have a wallet with our own currency to use on the platform or you can buy any of the mobisite's offers via your airtime.
Strika is a competition site for eskom. the site has not launched yet and is still in the proccess of getting finalized. It allows eskom employees to enter a competition to win weekly prizes. They need to watch a video and then answer a simple question about the video in order to get an entry. Once entered the mobisite gives you free content to download to your mobile device ie. music, games, videos
Mobile Cafe is a content subscription service built for BEEMobile
Lekker Mobile is a content subscription service built for BEEMobile
Ulonwabo is a content subscription service built for BEEMobile